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Revelation's Message For Today

REALITY: Revelation's Message For Today LTO THE CHURCHES 1. The World Is NOT As It Seems.  The world is a matrix of falsehood, a falsehood affecting you to the core, and trying to mold you into a false-self. MANY have taken on the false-self way of life. But there is a much, much better way!
2. Jesus, The King Over All, Knows All About You.  Christ knows your past (where you have come from), your present (why you are who you are), and
your future (what it will take to get you where He wants you to be = with Him all the way!)
3. Our Enemy Has Messed Things Up.  A Dragon is in control of the fog that covers the Reality of things. You will only see things his way in this world. Unless you hear God's voice speak to you (and have a Revelation) and go God's way, you will continue to live in a fantasy world = Satan's destructive world with a candy coating.

Jesus knows every move the enemy makes and WILL make--and Jesus is hated for that! You can learn the enemy's tricks i…