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Waiting Around Sloppy

Most of us are just waiting around in life. Oh, we have a schedule to keep, make lists perhaps, have a pretty good idea of how the day is going to go; but most of us don't initiate anything. It's a "get up out of bed then live life until we go back to bed" sort of existence. We may gain something from being with friends, family, getting that paycheck on Friday, sleeping in on Saturdays and Sundays, but when Monday comes back around its "same o, same o." I wonder if people tire of this "do it again" existence. 
Jesus told a parable about some guys who were just waiting around. In the parable the master hires the guys to go work in his field and they seemed excited to do so...for pay. There is more to this parable but I wonder if this waiting around problem isn't new to my day ... To me?
I have been feeling like I have just been waiting around. It's safe, just waiting. Besides the Bible gives a promise to those who wait ... Who wait upon the L…