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Laws of Growth

15 Invaluable Laws of GrowthI am committed to life-long learning and I hope you are too. Learning and growth does not end when you receive your university degree or obtain a particular position. Learning is crucial and critical to realize our leadership potential. You need to be intentionally engaged to grow in your leadership through continued learning. Potential is a powerful word; it looks forward with optimism and is filled with hope. Potential has its promises and hints at greatness. To reach your potential you must grow. This book seeks to help you along that path--the pathway towards understanding how personal growth works and towards helping you become a more effective individual, parent, leader, and child of God! Which of these 'Laws that Govern Your Growth' fit you right now?Growth Doesn’t Just HappenYou Must Know Yourself To Grow YourselfYou Must See Value In Yourself To Add Value To YourselfLearning To Pause Allows Growth To Catch Up With YouMotivation Gets You Go…